Medium Crate Cover

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Crates can be aesthetically unappealing in the home, however they are key for your puppy or dog as its refuge and den.  Covering the crate with natural and attractive fabric form Rigby & Rhys solves both problems.  Your dog feels safe and undisturbed in its den and the crate need not jar with your interior design.

It is possible to select side or front opening on the crate cover.  It is also possible to have two openings, 1 for each door.  Crate covers with 2 doors are made at a additional cost.  

Made to fit the Medium Ellie-Bo Crate Dimensions:

Height 597mm (23.5")
Width 533mm (21")
Depth 762mm (30")

Crate mattresses are sold separately or together with crate cover, see crate and mattress set.

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